Sunday, March 21, 2010

wu tang forever

Getting my slurpee today wasn't as absurd as the last post. I did see a white lady running with her dog...and holding a bat. I laughed. I also counted 3 television sets in the middle of the sidewalk. I DO need a new tv. Hm. I wasn't gonna get a slurpee today but I like going on walks. I walked a lot earlier today, good for me. Long walks and my headphones are all I need.
Anywho, I went to the same 711 as last time.

Wild cherry, coke, blackberry lime, blueberry and piña colada. The blackberry lime did not piss in my cup again. I could have done without the piña colada. Tasted funny. I give it a 7.

Also, to you readers, yes, all 10 of you, recommend my blog to your readers/friends! Id like a reason to post more often!

Let's be friends all over the internerd while we're at it

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