Sunday, February 28, 2010

Miiija, aye, aye, mija....adonde vas?

Let me start this off by saying, I didn't know people read this until I got asked to update. I kinda forgot about it too, hence the lack of posts. I'm a very busy person, with you know...getting drunk and watching court shows. Those are obviously real important and im positive you care. anyway. i moved from the area i was in before and now live about a mile from a 711. its a real nice day, so i decided to take the 2 mile walk. let me preface the rest of this little adventure with saying; I live in the hood. My rent is cheap for a reason. i dont walk outside alone after 7pm and my white friends don't either. Like I said, its about a mile away. no big. i get my headphones and turn on my music (Banda Machos, btw.) i get my slurpee and head back. I got honked at a couple times. 'Hey babygirl' and 'como te llamas?' Of course, the harassment had gone on my entire walk but I ignored it. It not like its a compliment either, these guys will hit on anything with legs. Even if I didn't have legs, I'm sure it wouldn't matter. And I'm assuming its working on someone for these dudes to constantly do it. Whatever. I get a phone call, take my headphones off and hear, 'AYE, MIJA! MIJA! ADONDE VAS?!' Right as I'm about to answer my phone, this car full of pervos hit the car in front of them. Idiots were too concerned with getting my attention (because I was obviously going to get in the vehicle. Even tho there was like 7 of them in a 5 passenger car) the light had turned red and bam! Bummer 4 u, toyota corrola. I couldn't help but laugh. Maybe no they'll think twice. Or I'll move outta this area. I doubt either is going to happen. My rent is cheap and they....welll....

Here's my slurpee concoction for today!
Blueberry, wild cherry and some fucking weird blackberry lime that wasn't done mixing. How do I know it wasn't done mixing? It basically peed in my cup. Still mad good though!